Our I.T. department is skilled in many different areas relating to computer hardware and software. We are equipped to fix basic computer problems as well as some of the more challenging problems you may be facing. Hi-Tech Solutions can help you with hard drive issues, viruses or malware on your computer, or problems with your computer software. We know that a lot of people fear technology and feel like they are overwhelmed with computer problems, but Hi-Tech Solutions aims not only to fix your I.T. issues, but also to help you create a better relationship with the technology you use daily. We are willing to answer any questions and help you learn to problem solve for future occasions. With Hi-Tech Solutions network management package, we will be able to detect when a piece of your network is going to fail, and work on getting the error fixed, before you even notice a problem. 

Hi-Tech Solutions can also build custom designed websites for customers with any business need, big or small. At Hi-Tech Solutions, we also offer a few unique services that other companies don’t. Our professional writer can help you write the content of your website to fully explain the functions of your business when you just can’t seem to find the right words. We also employ a professional photographer who can help you with photos as add-ons to your website design package. The customer is actively involved during the entire design process: initial interview, mockup, revisions, and site launch, but our design team will make sure you don’t have to worry about the website layout, content writing or images used! Additionally, we offer unlimited email accounts with unlimited space with your website, and our websites are built to be fully functional for computers and mobile devices.
With Hi-Tech Solutions offsite backup and recovery service, you’ll never have to worry about losing important files. Offsite backup is a service that runs in the background and backups files to our secure, offsite location on a schedule set by you, the customer. We can do automatic backups as frequently as the customer would like. On the recovery side of things, we can download all the data after your computer has been fixed, or we can ship hard drives overnight with your data already on it to minimize business downtime. We understand that you need technology in your business, and we aim to help you keep that technology running smoothly and efficiently.