Texas Homeland Security & Sound

Protecting your home and family is your number one priority, and we make it our number one priority, too. That's why we combined with Texas Homeland Security & Sound to provide you with the best Solutions for safety and security at home and at your office.  Call today to discuss designing a security system to fit your needs.

A monitored alarm system is one investment you make that will actually save you money as well as headaches. Peace of mind is just one benefit of knowing your home or business is being watched over, and authorities will be quickly notified in the event of a break-in or fire. Most homeowners policies provide a discount for having a monitored alarm system. You'll save from the reduced likelihood of a break-in, as a monitored alarm system is a deterrent to criminals who would rather not get caught. They'll pass by a home when it's known to be protected, and look for an easier target. For further explanation on how the right alarm system will benefit you, Call us today at 806-416-2064.
We could all rest a little easier with an additional pair of eyes watching over our home, loved ones, or business. You can add that extra sense of security with a camera system from Texas Homeland Security & Sound. Camera systems are now very common in both residential and commercial environments. Cameras are not only used for protection, but notification as well. You’ll be able to view your home while you’re away by using your computer or smart phone, so you can check and see if the kids came home alone or with friends, or check to see if your employees completed their job correctly. Whether for protection, notification, training, or multiple other uses, information is the key, and with our camera systems you can finally have the whole story. Ask your solutions specialist about the difference between analog and digital camera systems to find out which camera system fits your needs best. Call us today at 806-416-2064 for more information.
Access control isn’t just for the FBI, CIA, or the high-security areas anymore! Access control has now become the home or business owner’s best friend. Imagine never needing to issue a key to an employee again, wouldn’t that be great? Oh, and what if they need to enter your facility out of your specified “normal” hours and they can’t get in? Access control can help you make access into your home or business more secure and more convenient. With Access control, home or business doors are electronically locked until presented with the correct credentials or code either by keypad, card swipe, fingerprint, and many other options. You can choose the level of access employees have through the ease of a computer program. You can also be notified by e-mail when doors are opened or when staff leaves for the day. Access control truly allows you to control your environment, make life easier, and put your worries at ease. Call us today at 806-416-2064 for more information on how you can custom tailor your access control system to meet your personal home or business needs.